We create innovative engineering that achieves goals through the experienced workforce that supports our company. It manifests itself in the start-up of teams that make up large food production projects.
Very important companies in our country and America already trust Medelinox's productive solidity, based on human and professional capital at the service of great ideas.

Medelinox, a work team prepared to take you to the next level of production.

Our Team

We design, develop and innovate each of our equipment. We are a company dedicated to creating cutting-edge engineering and technology with a strategic vision for each of the productive sectors that we address. Our level of care offers our clients exceptional security in terms of operation, process design and custom adjustments by our specialized technical department.


We have state-of-the-art machinery operated by trained personnel. Each of our teams is almost entirely made up of actions and parts built by Medelinox.

Automation and

We continually seek to integrate our experience in production, our final products, know-how and services, with the best control and traceability tools. We design and create our own software, allowing us to provide flexibility geared towards production goals.

Digitization of

At Medelinox we know the degree of risk of productive investments. Our Design and Development department allows us to make our solutions as flexible as possible. With the prior design of projects, we deliver certainties and realization of objectives for our clients. From the initial layout, through the 3D visualization of the entire plant, to the completion of the project.

Execution of

We turn all our projections to the real plane with comprehensive support: Feasibility Analysis, Planning, Design and Development, Project Execution, Logistics, Commissioning and continuous technical and productive assistance. By bringing these fundamental elements together, we can ensure optimal and efficient performance from day one.

Development of Our Line Equipment

Processes that ensure quality

Design and planimetry.


Quality tests

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We have the knowledge and tools necessary to capture our teams and projects in a virtual plane, a process that allows us to previously analyze all the variables that intervene to reduce the risk factor and ensure effective results.


We create our own control logic modules. We provide an infinity of solutions and customized system adjustments, easily applied from remote connection without the need for visits from our personnel, resulting in continuous optimizations and updates at low cost.

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