Special developments

We have a specialized work area in the interpretation of special objectives and
In this division of labor, we work on two main themes, we work on
planimetry developed by client that we carry out, or we start the
complete development of teams, starting from the definition of production objectives
pursued by our client.
All our experience, technology and human resources directing efforts to create
solutions that meet the most demanding needs.
To expand knowledge and information about this Medelinox division of work,
contact us through any of our communication channels.

Engineering & Technology


We specify projects. We create 100% of our teams.


We design and create technologies applied to each process.


All our advances are backed by knowledge and experiences.


3D Design Preview

We know the productive risks, that is why our design department materializes your ideas previously.

Fine tunning

We are present in the critical stages, logistics.

Productive Accompaniment

Our goal is met when our teams produce. Trained staff to guide you in product development.