Equipment designed with the objective of providing a solution to the ice cream producer regarding the incorporation of cold ingredients in a totally controlled and uniform way. It is an essential task that marks the differential in the product, chocolate, dulce de leche, jellies, candies and other ingredients that with our granizer they will be able to incorporate quickly and effectively. Designed to work and attach to any type of continuous or discontinuous production company. A product, like few others, that adds productive value.

Efficient production

Flexibility to adapt the operation of the equipment to continuous or discontinuous cycles. Designed to introduce precise and uniform amounts of liquids of various viscosities, such as fruit syrups, dulce de leche, chocolate into ice cream. The control of the equipment through precise frequency inverters allows to achieve efficient performance and savings of the ingredients used.

Technical Data

Model: MGRN1200
Supply: Electric power 220v / 50Hz.
Designed to adapt to producers from 200 to 1200 lts / h or 1500 lts / h.
Positive dosing pump. Estimated dosage from 10 to 90 liters / hour (depending on viscosity).
Digitized dashboard.
Hopper capacity 25 lts.
Type of ingredients: preferably liquids, syrups, dulce de leche, liquid chocolate.
CIP washing: 1000 lts / h at 2 bar.
Support structure with wheels to facilitate the transfer.

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