Cooking Tubs


Our tubs, as they are already known in the field, are characterized by robust manufacturing, the quality of their components and the excellent finishes achieved. The sheet thicknesses used are adequate and the skilled labor of our work team, allow us to offer the ice cream producer quality equipment that ensures durability and efficiency. Our tubs lead the sector by track record and proven results over 30 years.

Efficient production

n Medelinox we have a deep respect for the use of energy. We believe that it is an essential point to improve the energy efficiency of our equipment through the development of new exchange methods, that is why our entire line of tubs presents a current design that optimizes the use of both refrigeration and calories. Our main objective is to reduce process costs, in cooking and maturing, through energy optimization.

Technical Data

MTPC0150 Capacidad 150 litros.
MTPC0300 Capacidad 300 litros.
MTPC0600 Capacidad 600 litros.
MTPC1000 Capacidad 1000 litros.
MTPC1200 Capacidad 1200 litros.
MTPC1500 Capacidad 1500 litros.
MTPC2000 Capacidad 2000 litros.
MTPC2500 Capacidad 2500 litros.
Ask for more capacity.

Opcionales: Sistema Emulsionador / Caldera generadora de agua caliente. Gas natural o envasado.
Suministro: Agua caliente.
Totally built in certified Aisi 304L quality stainless steel.
Open cylindrical format with hinged lids.
Thermal insulation in high density expanded polyurethane.
Maximum working pressure in jacket 1.5 bar / Factory test pressure 2 bar.
Agitation system with standardized three-phase gear motors and anchor-type paddle.
Digital temperature controller / Solenoid valve in water inlet.
Safety accessories included: Registered safety valve on shirt.

Engineering & Technology


We specify projects. We create 100% of our teams.


We design and create technologies applied to each process.


All our advances are backed by knowledge and experiences.


3D Design Preview

We know the productive risks, that is why our design department materializes your ideas previously.

Fine tunning

We are present in the critical stages, logistics.

Productive Accompaniment

Our goal is met when our teams produce. Trained staff to guide you in product development.