Industries need to better understand how to care for the environment.

Health & Safety

Safety is one of the top priorities within our company.

A sustainable company must have as its main objective the health care of its staff and the people of the community where it operates.

Environmental Care

In the new 2025 projection, we include an essential section that contemplates working together with the intervening regulatory entities, with the aim of measuring and adjusting all our production parameters in such a way that we manage to reduce to the maximum possible expression, the emission of gases and sounds that generate some type of environmental pollution.

Energy Efficiency

We started the execution of the “Medelinox 25” project, where one of the most important goals established is that the operation of our new production plant is influenced by at least 25% by energy from renewable natural resources. At the same time, we are developing our own control software to know the energy consumption of our production plant continuously and thus establish energy saving measures in the present time.

Recycled Social

For many years we have proposed to reduce the waste material by executing productive actions, such as the creation of spare parts and accessories necessary for the maintenance of our production plant or colleagues.

It is part of our projection to deepen these actions seeking to meet social needs of many kinds.